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The Horologists Legacy

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The Horologists Legacy

The Horologist's Legacy is a deep dive into the absurd to find your mysterious past in this indie first-person psychological horror experience that rips the floor out from under you and takes your mind places you've never brought it before.What can you expect?Strongly narrative driven gameplaySimple yet intriguing puzzlesEncounters with creatures from another universeSlow and contemplative pacingAnd sometimes fast and exciting pacingSurprises and horrorDark, absurd, and often beautiful environments and atmosphereFully voice acted castCreepy, moody, and vibrant music and audio designPay close attention.Your memory seems to have become a cold and darkened blur;you never know the vital things you might be walking past.We at Cole and Jordan Studios have been developing The Horologist's Legacyfor years in an attempt to create the most intriguing possible experience;prototypes existed as early as 2012 when we were only in the 8th Grade.Now at 20 years old, we are prepared to release our game into the world.Nearly all levels have years of testing and design, and have been completelyscrapped and rebuilt from the ground up at least once. It's a similar story for the plot, (no pun intended) which has been scrapped,rewritten, and honed to provide an extremely mysterious andother-worldly undertone to the entire experience.


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